Versuri Dismember - Afterimage

Album: Dismember - Misanthropic

[Music and Lyrics by Fred Estby]

Given a gun become god for a day
on my way to carry it all out
take on blowing the bitterness away
contribute with my share of grief
from being trapped in life
become a prisoner in death
if there was something else worth dying for
i'd give myself

A promise of blood in the air
blow it up burn it down for all I care


Bring on the ultimate human hunt
rid the world of filth
killing time of my life
drowning in self created guilt
revenge is not a deadly sin
it's an obligated call
there is no regreting there is no doubt
religion is nothing betrayal is law

Faith slipping essence of crime
rule the rest of my borrowed time

In the age of an overkill
bridges burning fast
cant clench the fire
of a fury so vast

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