Versuri Dismember - In Death's Cold Embrace

Album: Dismember - Hate Campaign

[Music by : Blomqvist, Estby, Sahlgren. Lyrics by : K?rki]

f**k all pathetic moral preachers
And f**k their braindead disciples
f**k all religious clowns
And their f****d up ways
f**k good and evil
It's f*****g relative
No matter which way you take
You get f****d up anyway

In the end we all will die
So why waste precious time
We all will learn the truth
In death's cold embrace

f**k the haves
Because they f**k the have-nots
f**k all f****d politicians
And their power hungry games
f**k all the bureaucrats
And hang them in red tape
f**k the f****d up media
With their hype of the day

Look at the world today
Doesn't make sense in any way
Then take a look at yourself
What purpose do you serve

Look at the world today
Ruled with democracy
Feel free to kill yourself
Relieve society from a burden

[Lead: Sahlgren]

f**k the truth
And read between the lines
f**k all the lies
It's enough to hear the truth
f**k the fallen from grace
And all the righteous f***s
f**k all talk about right or wrong
It all equals out in the end