Versuri Dismember - Killing Compassion

Album: Dismember - Death Metal

[Music: R. Sennebck, F. Estby. Lyrics: F. Estby.]

Sick as can be
twisting out of true
explaining the feeling as
insanity breaks through
bringer of murder scenes
architect of fear
distorted, deranged
the messages I hear

Welcome to evil
beyond the confines
of rape, torture
unordinary crimes
spirit robbing firetalking
story by the blade
burning for violence
and escalating hate

Journey through a predators head
no f*****g rest 'til my enemies lay dead
silence a screaming wall
sanity drowning inside of it all
believing is greatest pain
as f*****g twisted as god is insane
compassion the first sence to die
magic of murder a god given lie

Repent to your saviour
become what I create
through symbolic actions
i'm sealing your fate
taking lead position
in chain of command
even Jesus Christ
will die by my hand

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