Versuri Dismember - Misanthropic

Album: Dismember - Misanthropic

[Music by : R. Cabeza, F. Estby. Lyrics by : M. Krki]

Since the dawn of time
it has reigned supreme
it's running through our veins
a primal legacy

Deep within a blackened heart

The surge of raw aggression
rages deep inside
unavoidable instinct
waiting to be free
live for vengeance
revel in violence
in the heat of conflict
hatred takes control

Embeded in our genes
hate lay hidden
blood is the trigger
to the acts of the forbidden

Supressing the rage within
denying the inbred fire
instead of using it right
they kill their dark desires
enforcing the ways
ignorance of evil
the only true emotion
restrained in moral chains

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