Versuri Dismember - Retaliate

Album: Dismember - Hate Campaign

[Music by : Estby, Blomqvist. Lyrics by : Estby]

Deathdreams of your future bring my spirit back to life
Once again to make you suffer more than you can take
Keeping you alive without the hope of healing
Your mind will beg your body to cease
Vengeful abilities beyond imagination
Insanity the exit where you wish your mind could go
Waiting at the limits where salvation cannot follow
Unforgiving of trespasses made

The delight of your dead
Facing fear, losing breath
Forcefully your enemy
Even after death

Aggression is the trigger flowing
From a mind deranged

The urge to kill you slowly
Living nightmare come to life
The doors to pain are open
Mutilation closing in
The thump of your ripped out heart is my law
Like a hammer crushing in reality gives out
No use for pathetic attempts of escape
Resisting me will only bury you deep
Within these hellish events

[Lead: Sahlgren]

I'm the angel of death my friend
I'll haunt you to the rivers end
An addiction fueled by hate

Mesmerized enchanted by the fury burning light
Join me in my pleasure become what I create
The gates are closed eternally
For prayers it's too late
I'm the serpent saviour confess to me

Retaliation seals your fate
Reliving is denied
Shattering the image of a paradise in reach

Mentally, emotionally, spiritually deceased
Crimson tide drowning your soul forever

[Lead: Blomqvist]