Versuri Divinity - Approaching The Singularity

Album: Divinity - The Singularity

Human greed machines, insatiable

Living under a glass sky,
The symphony of conflagration
In tomorrow's endless dance,
Nodal points converge, connecting to one self
All spheres of humanlife,
Universal energy evolution
Everywhere is possible,
Motionless overlay.

All of the pain inside, all of the suffering
Will it all disappear?
Just close your eyes

Kiss your old life goodbye
All of history,
Your past life

2030 A.D.
Approaching the singularity
Your life, my life archived
And re-lived at any time.
Born into continual rerun

Lost inside a non-linear world
It's the paradigm shift, growing artificial
Living life with less human touch
Change so rapid, so profound

We cannot comprehend
The infinite power, the implications
Beyond the personal perspective
Thisillusion will be revealed

I reach this threshold
One that will transform

Approaching the singularity

Human greed machines, insatiable