Versuri DODHEIMSGARD - Foe X Foe

Album: DODHEIMSGARD - Supervillain Outcast

Mercy is only
A bullet in the brow
Do it or die
Never is now
A skull of worms
Like a tin can crown
Building you up
Just to knock you down
1 billion bones
1 million moans
Bring them down
Foe by foe
Keep your friends close
But your enemies even closer
And bring them down
Foe by foe
Too many ghouls
Under slate roofs
To many cuckoos
Fattening the roost
There's not enough gold
To bury them all
To many thoughts
For one to many fools
Build a giant tomb
For the earth to go
Smuggle their souls
In a suitcase of woe
Too much fatigue
Sweeps through the streets
Too much saccharin
And not enough anger
Trading blows
To lighten the load
Bring them down
Foe by foe
Stepping on your toes
Elbows to the bone
Bringing you down
Foe by foe
Skin boiled in lead
By the words of a friend
With another mans face
In the back of their head
Betrayed to the end
By the living dead
Smashing your heart
With emotional dread
Read my lips
I burnt bridges for this
For volcanoes of flesh
To devour my limbs
Body meat beat
Dog-bark drone scream
A billion doors of hate
To a brand new being

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