Versuri DODHEIMSGARD - Ghostforce Soul Constrictor

Album: DODHEIMSGARD - Supervillain Outcast

In urge to become something
(believed to be) more infact
I pursue the whole
Of human Dementia
You know when your catastrophy
Is utterly complete
Only when you shut your eyes
For the truth
And for the worse

There's no place within your mind
When all faces are set on fire
To burn for the honour
Of the pain in your heart
And fade in the focus
Of your cursed lust
Ghostforce climax
Soul Constrictor
A fountainhead of disorder
A splinted human codex
Soul constrictor

I cry out
For the death of my guardian angels
No more navigating
The labyrinth of self-deceit
The one we share with a psyche
(Almost) Obsolete
Without a ground to stand on
Down the ladder
Where we all break down
The soul murder armoury is ready to go
So I blow up my sense of logic
Deluded in default
To separate the alternative

Stifled by the conscious mind
Hell made real by the terror of strife

And right from the core of hysteria
Where suffering seems to grant no end
In the absence of free flow
A trance of flames
With no exit

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