Versuri DODHEIMSGARD - Mournul, Yet And Forever

Album: DODHEIMSGARD - Kronet Til Konge

In the wind of evil eyes
I watched every frozen star
surrounding a dyong sun

climbing up so high
show me all your glory
and guide me on the road

Winds of ages tragedies
saw its steam
Blazed higher than all those
gloryful armies
encouraged by the sun

A mournful touch, flies with
the past sound
And the blade of the high priest
A conqueror held his sword
for a mightful battle, and years to come

Let's sail the cold togheter
to your heart, my night
And challenge them in these
years of brightness

Hungering, my love
I saw its eyes

Yet in stained dozes of the chamber
And walked with us
through time... and them
for these angels that laid to rest
and kissed the hallowed lands
Kiss the blood
and die with me...
Into uncountable milleniums

Gave their stoned soul, and condemmed
our waste
Who was never to be repealed

Gather so they see
and walk with them to submission of
eternal pain
For a higher law, saw them all die

I settled for the odious to see
My dark and hateful eternity