Versuri DODHEIMSGARD - Supervillain Serum

Album: DODHEIMSGARD - Supervillain Outcast

Driving nails between my teeth
Kicked to my feet
No sleep for weeks
Sucking the dust from the cage
Varicose veins and mind games
Guzzling barrels of skin-stripping s**t
A festering drink of face-breaking cocksucker
Fashionably possessed
Planning world downfall from my bed
Supping the villainous sap
Garden of mutants begin to clap
And now there's no turning back
Alone against everything

Freaking out
Reeking in
Minds wide open
Fix an appointment with God
Your futile trip is done

At the ruins of visionary self
They'll be cutting their hands off
In hell tomorrow
A truth that's easy to swallow
Fast-acting and thorough

Locked away
And left alone
Out damned spot
Out damned spot
Out damned spot
Home sick home
Home sick home
Home sick home
The world really gets my back up
An airline that never stops crashing
An itch that never stops itching
Living in an insatiable video game
Vengeance stalks my brain

Pimping bag of creaking bones
Collapsing inwards from skin to soul
Slime alley black cockroach
Labyrinth of solitude in my throat
Guts filled up with the voices of hate
Homogenised venom eats the smile from your face
Tongue splits on the taste
As sanity separates
Reflection you gleam is disfigured and displeased
Adding insult to injury
In swaggering fury
Weak sick
Dread freak
With reservation seats to the funeral of the world