Biografie DODIEZ


Genuri muzicale:
ThrashGroove metalHardcore

Trupe similare:
Sepultura  Metallica  Slipknot  Truda  Slayer  Pantera  Megadeth

Nede-vox Pixy-lead and rythm gtrs Sheriff-rythm gtrs Adi-bass Ulise-drums LYRICS: A PERFECT WORLD Shurely you will not die, for GOD knows that when you ate from the tree your eyes…. I saw his eyes painted in the sky Looking down on us and feeling sorry for Our wasted lives – dehumanization As we kill our own kind in wars From my eyes you will burn For your sins – death comes For the lives you chose to take Seek the truth – man is evil DON’T YOU KNOW THERE’S NO RETURN TO A PLACE CALLED PERFECT WORLD As past reveals we’ve never been truthful to our world We destroy ourselves All that we need to do is find a way to preserve our life for the next day Pay the price for what we destroy Because of us – life fails Resurrection or death prevails Until the next life – man is evil DON’T YOU KNOW THERE’S NO RETURN TO A PLACE CALLED PERFECT WORLD Your eyes will be opened and you will be like the divine beings who know good and evil DON’T YOU KNOW THERE’S NO RETURN TO A PLACE CALLED PERFECT WORLD This is the life we choose, the life we lead and there is only one guarantee that some of us will see heaven I WILL BE YOURS YOU WILL BE MINE SCAVANGER Animal instinct as the world evolves / Prior to the human kind / As there is no fuking difference between ape and a man with a fuckin'''' gun / Fight to survive - man with a fuckin'''' gun / The fight for power, it''''s in our blood / Top of the food chain -man with a fuckin'''' gun / Powered by Earth''''s resources, the nation is rising while Earth is crying- how long will it take / for the human disaster won''''t sop until there''''s nothing left but the bitter sense of death/ Want to save the world or mother fucker, we die / Greed for the power, corruption and other / war to another, pollution and hunger/ The need for resources, political sources/ is tool for the money while others go hungry I will be one with my God, the gun I will be one with my gun, God is my gun METAMORPHOSE God said: I’m transformed by your will Into a mirror of your thoughts As I become what you always wanted me to A monster like you And I will die by your hand As a slave of the undead Man: FUCK IT. SEE ME NOW ..WHERE’S YOUR CROWN SON OF GOD? God: As the scars of my past Never heal and the rust of the spear eats me inside I am all that remains for what was once believed to be Creation of perfection Man: FUCK IT. SEE ME NOW ..WHERE’S YOUR CROWN SON OF GOD? Man: All this time I watch you grow Seen you die and then reborn For what cause? Words devine that fell from the sky, rain of fire, worlds of stone, Book of wisdom to cover it all Oh mercyfull Lord What I always wanted All I ever wanted was to see the world through your eyes God: No you won’t ungratefull child I gave you all And you turn your back on me a world of regrets a world of sins No... HUMAN NATURE Oh my Lord What have we done, we killed the hope that was you to come And save us all We killed our belief and lost faith in ourselves The prayers were never meant to be heard by You Cause they’ve got lost in the mist Swallowed by our true nature As there is so much ugliness in this world But I know there’s much more beauty The circle of life begins to fall / break This is part of the order of things Never forget who we once were, ‘cause now whichever way you turn Death creeps in the darken shadows and hides the souls from sight forever Their embrace had been a battle, becoming angels Now they pass by one another, to see our Father I cry with rage that staying human is worthwhile Take the longest road into the gates of hell Searching for the light…and search your soul THE REMAINS OF THE DAY I’m always caught in a puzzle of thoughts, laid to rest while I’m near your presence Feel distracted as we consume ourselves as animals that we are Then I reveal myself and so you leave…behold the agony I crave for a moment of silence Beautifully shaped and raw Thoughts are broken words Thus my lifeless roads Unworthy for a place beside your every breath Rivers of emotions, Pass me by NO, DON’T EVER LET GO … The things I say and do for you… My real thoughts lay dead, But nothing hurts like your mouth (as it )makes me impossible to reason my reflection – I slip away suppressed by the feeling of guilt No I don’t know you anymore No way for us to cross roads NO, DON’T you LET GO OF ME NOW Untill i catch my last breath, I need to feel your warm embrace (but) Granting no last wishes, so my thoughts remain the same Black shadows cool down this angry momentum As we sit here gazing to one another and wondering while one is in one’s own world – what lies ahead? Look around and try to share the wonder with anyone….??? No - Solitude stands now, before me with great anticipation No !!! don’t leave me here all alone…no !!! The weeping for the loss is gone We all end up the remains of the day I won’t feed on the past as I’m taken away, while soul is consuming the body FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND Fade now…and then burn… Flame of my soul… Someone told me that lights never fade They all slip away somewhere back in the shade My grave is the gate towards the dark clouds As night falls upon the white dreamy lights One by one, they all went away And shades are now glittering, lost on the way Ashamed and disgusted, in tears my soul drowns for I’m forever one with the stones. FLAME OF MY SOUL LIGHT UP THE DARK FOR THE PATH THAT I’M TAKEN IS UNKNOWN Lost within and begging for a life to stand near by, as the wings in the sky Understand the pain, by needle to the vein And cry out in shame the memories of a friend Take everything from me, but give me a soul One, that could save me and call it my own, They all came as a pack, but left on separate ways And no one looked back…for days It was the first time that I ever felt alone. Away from the crowd Just me, the sky and the muddy ground, No human for miles, no piercing sound, No buildings of steel and glass in the pound, just body and stone, straight in the ground. FLAME OF MY SOUL LIGHT UP THE DARK FOR THE PATH THAT I’M TAKEN IS UNKNOW ENTITY Restless to save myself My quest is pointless and careless My life fades away from God, don’t want any of that Virtues used to be thoughts of will The will to value right from wrong The moral man tries to reach the greater good Let others duel with their material life MY LIFE AWAY FOR THIS ENTITY TO BRING ME DOWN FROM MY SIN NOW Mystical union, liberty and immortalization is my trinity Myth, a sacred history of the beginning of times Through myth we regain the sacred Absolute freedom is understanding the divine plans Accepting death is serenity MY LIFE AWAY FOR THIS ENTITY TO BRING ME DOWN FROM MY SIN NOW but man is political animal MY LIFE AWAY FOR THIS ENTITY TO BRING ME DOWN FROM MY SIN NOW UNITY IN DUALITY Stop preaching me for what i’ve done Got nothing to say for your riot is harmful and hopless Driven by selfishness, only God’s work will change the order of things Life is revealing and so for forgiveness you must forget and take it from the top Life is goodness towards liberation of spirit through love for another Reach out to your enemy All beliefs have one seed, it can’t be different ‘cause man is alike everywhere For we were created in a single movement OPPOSING FORCES ARE BOUND TOGHETHER GIVING RISE TO EACHOTHER SHELTER ME GOD FROM MY FRIENDS UNITY IN DUALITY I could not exist without the love of the ones that hate me Defeat my enemies and they will turn into my loyal friends WE ARE LIKE WAVES IN THE OCEAN AND EVERY RISE TURNS INTO A FALL WE ARE LIKE SEEDS IN THE ROUND AS WE RISE WE FALL BACK IN DECAY SO.. SHELTER ME GOD FROM MY FRIENDS ‘CAUSE FROM THE ENEMIES I GURAD MYSELF UNITY IN DUALITY OUROBOROS Cycle of birth and death from which i seek release The soul of the world – taildevourer A symbol of selfconsuming material world Slays himself and bring himself to life One is us all That which had been is that which will be Time is infinite but we are not we’ll die Wheel of life is an endless cycle of life and birth and death From which i seek liberation – eternal return To live a life a thousand times is something i must embrace For when i die i’ll know that when i’m born again...i ca love again...again All things begin so that they end, so that they begin again All this has happened before and will happen again Circular serpant eating its own tail Is selfdefeating nature Ouroboros.... A BETTER MAN Why did God not say his will in words so we can understand him better ‘but words are imprecise,unclear and incomplete God... HELP ME BE A BETTER MAN BE THE BEST I CAN His got other language of the truth That we’re aware of him And i’m terrefied to be alone But i can’t save a nation, only but a soul God... HELP ME BE A BETTER MAN BE THE BEST I CAN But nothing hurts me more To se your Spiritual bound with God gets broken! The image fades away As it is broken and you will not live but just kill yourself Death is last season, life’s winter Return to ash as new things will rise in the spring that follows And feel the joy the peace and hapiness through love Only then everything is right in life and death The will of God is in everything and anything He’s invested in our soul There is only one thing whose fulfillment can’t be stoped by anything That of becoming a better man SELF-DISTRUCTIVE FORCE Take me away from the self-distructive force that we’ve become Is there a place that i could hide far from the city’s ground? But before i turn around, let me see the world that i just left behind And say... BEFORE YOU WILL BURN I’LL BURN YOUR CROWN AND YOU’LL BURN IN HELL AND ALL OF THE THINGS LEFT UNSAID I WILL TAKE THEM TO MY GRAVE Before there were no guns, there were no bombs To selfdistruct our society And oil will be the battleground for which our children will have to pay the price Unless -we put an end- and look behind –blue sky is over – soon as we already cross the line So.. BEFORE YOU WILL BURN I’LL BURN YOUR CROWN AND YOU’LL BURN IN HELL AND ALL OF THE THINGS LEFT UNSAID I WILL TAKE THEM TO MY GRAVE Regain the days... we lost heritage Return to faith from endless sin as mother fucker doesn’t know the deception he’s in... Follow me out of here or you better hate me for my self-distructive force.