Album: DODIEZ - The Perfect World EP


Oh my Lord
What have we done, we killed the hope that was you to come
And save us all
We killed our belief and lost faith in ourselves
The prayers were never meant to be heard by You

Cause they?ve got lost in the mist 
Swallowed by our true nature
As there is so much ugliness in this world
But I know there?s much more beauty
The circle of life begins to fall / break
This is part of the order of things

	Never forget who we once were, ?cause now whichever way you turn
Death creeps in the darken shadows and hides the souls from sight forever  

Their embrace had been a battle, becoming angels
Now they pass by one another, to see our Father

	I cry with rage that staying human is worthwhile

Take the longest road into the gates of hell
Searching for the light?and search your soul

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