Animal instinct as the world evolves /
 Prior to the human kind / 
As there is no fuking difference between ape and a man with a fuckin' gun /
Fight to survive - man with a fuckin' gun /
 The fight for power, it's in our blood /
 Top of the food chain -man with a fuckin' gun /

Powered by Earth's resources, the nation is rising while Earth is crying- how long will it take / for the human disaster won't sop until
there's nothing left but the bitter sense of death/ 
Want to save the world or mother f****r, we die /

Greed for the power, corruption and other / war to another, pollution and hunger/
 The need for resources, political sources/ is tool for the money while others go hungry

	I will be one with my God, the gun
	I will be one with my gun, God is my gun

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