Versuri Dokken - 01. Inside Looking Out

Album: Dokken - Dysfunctional

Let go of your mind
And see what there is to see
It can be real
Not just a fantasy
Open your eyes
And leave the world behind
Open your mind
Come along for the ride
Do what you want to do
Be what you want to be
Do what you want to do
It's just a short trip from reality

I'm on the inside
Looking outside
I'm on the inside looking out
I'm going somewhere
Feeling nowhere
I'm on the inside looking out
I can't be free
Till I know what free is
I can't be me
Till I know who I am
Do you believe
There's more than what you see
All that we need
Is some free association
Painted pictures in a room of glass
Looking through the floor above
Don't know what has brought me to this place
Ecstasy confused by love

[Chorus 2:]
I'm on the inside
(In the dark so long
What's been going on
Come and look inside my mind)
Looking outside
It's up to you
You can make the changes
You make your dreams come true
What will you do if you don't start
Rearranging the things that you do
It's all up to you


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