Versuri Dokken - 04. Too High to Fly

Album: Dokken - Dysfunctional

We sold our sons and we sold our daughters
Pretty soon we'll sell our brothers
We took the gold, but the gold was water
I tried to save the world, but I failed her
She cries the tears that I never left her
I left them all behind
You were sitting in your darkest hour
Summer's gone
We tried to make the world so much better
We send our words in a pretty perfumed letter
You sit alone in your ivory towers
I'm just one person, I don't matter
You tap the needle, and you went to heaven
You left it all behind
Now you're feeling oh so better

Too high to fly
You should've seen me there (Yeah)
Too high to fly, my baby
But you were almost there
The sun shines down on my face
But you don't feel a thing (no, no, no)
The lines on the street, and the some rises
You looked too long for heaven, now you're blinded, baby
Another morning sun
Another day gone by
The storm's coming
With the pouring rain


The storm comes with the pouring rain (Salvation)
The lines in the street, and the smoke rises
Wanderin' round for forty days, hope you find it


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