Versuri Dokken - 06. Nightrider

Album: Dokken - Breaking the Chains

It's late at night
I get that feeling running through my veins
You know it drives me insane
In the car, slam the door, turn the key and I'll be free
On that highway tonight

Highway bound
I'm so alive
I'm shifting into overdrive
Route 61
I'll drive this road into the sun

My machine is tired and cool
I don't need to go to school
I'll put the hammer down and I'll leave this town
I'm racing time
The freeway just seess to unwind in front of me
And there's no return

My wheels of love
Fit me like a racing glove
Don't touch the brake
Don't cross the line
Don't make mistakes
'Cause you know that I'm

Here I come

The engine roars
------- and tied
I'm locked inside my doors
On a midnight run
But who knows when
Danger lies around the bend for me
With the morning sun

Pass her by
Faster than the speed of light
You better run
Look out now
'Cause here I come

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