Break Me Gently Tab - Doves

Artist: The Doves
Song: Break Me Gently
Album: Lost Souls
Transcribed: Alex Greaves

This song rulz and so duz the album. Many people say that The Last Broadcast is
a much better album but i think differently. 
   I was quite appalled at the lack of Doves tabs so i took matters into my own
hands and did it myself.
   This is only my second tab so go easy on me. Plus i am only 12 years old so
don't dis me. Remember i'm nearly a teenager. Teenagers can do really strange
things so beware. This really doesn't have lyrics so that saves me the hassle.

Intro-guitar part 1
B----------0------9---0------0------0------9-------I reapeat this
G------6------6----------6------6-------6----------I a few times
D--------------------------------------------------I don't know how
A--------------------------------------------------I   many

I don't know how many times you play that and i can't be bothered walking up the
stairs and popping the cd on to find out so DIY

Now, for guitar part two the timing is not correct on the tab simply because i
can't be bothered!!! So DIY!!! This is played on a clean electric guitar.

guitar part 2-

There is some chords played that come in just after part 1 but i can't figure it
out. It would be really appreciatted if anybody outthere knows it could send it

Verse 1-
This is very similar to the intro apart from guitar 1 changes slightly like so...


Thats about it i think. Now lets hope thats inspired you to do some tabs like
Start With Me by Del Amitri that is a very much needed tab.
I play in a band called shearwater. Watch out for us!!!
   There was one guy who did a tab and at the end he put "remember there are
200.5 million other people who could kick your a*s!!" or something like that.
Well to that person respect. That really was funny. Does anyone know Sleepflower
by Manics. Please send that tab to me. I'm off to see them in Manchester soon.
I need to know!!!!
Happy Picking!!!!