Melody Calls Chords - Doves

DOVES     "Melody Calls"     ("Lost Souls" - 2000)

CAPO fret II :

   Bm                  G       A
    she stops out till morning
   Bm                G         A
    she hangs out at fairgrounds
   Bm           G        A
    moving to a new sound
   Bm          G           A
    waiting to forget the past

   D         C
    a melody calls
   Bm      G      D           C
    loops around,   a setting sun
   Bm       G                 D
    time to lose herself again
    a melody calls
   Bm         G    D          C
    a setting sun,   a melody calls
   Bm        G   
    time to lose myself again

   Bm                       G    A
    the words don't come so easy
   Bm                    G    A
    she can't say what's inside
   Bm                        G
    the sounds they do speak for me
    A                    Bm
    the sounds remain forever
                        G       A
    stays with her till morning time