Pounding Chords - Doves

Capo on First Fret

All chords relative to capo.


C     x32010
Em    022000
F     x03211
G     320003


C x4

C, Em, F, C x2

Verse 1

C      Em       F              C
I cant stand by, and see you destroyed,

C      Em     F             C   
I cant be here and watch you burn up,

C          Em      F         C    
Lie for the moment, lie as a decoy,

C       Em        F         C 
Does it matter if i give in easy?,

Bridge 1

F                           G
So why is it so hard to get by?,

(and i said)


F     G      Em
We so down

Em         F
Its now or never baby

F       G      Em 
We dont mind

Em           F   
If this dont last forever,

F         G      Em   
Seize the time,

Em                F     
Cause its now or never baby,

Verse 2 (same chords as verse 1)

Lets leave at sunrise,

Lets live by the ocean,

and I don't mind if we never come home at all,

Steal the morning,

So set in motion,

In and out of love and institutions,

Bridge 2 (same chords as bridge 1)

Cause i know this can't last for long,