The Greatest Denier Acoustic Chords - Doves

The Greatest Denier
By: Doves

This is a great song by Doves and searching online I couldn't find a single tab 
for it, so here is my attempt at making one. This is my first tab I've ever done 
so any feedback would be great!

Intro: C#m

C#m                                        A    E    A    E
The english skyline falls down to the future
C#m                          F#
But no one noticed in this empire
A                E             A                            E      G# 
'cause i'm the greatest denier and i will cut you if you look

C#m                                   A    E    A    E
The english bloodline clashes in the sun
C#m                               F#
No one noticed that we are going down i frowned
A               E           A                       E         G#     
Well i'm the greatest denier i can cut you with a look

Em          Cadd9     G6    Cadd9       

G6             Bm            A                     
Clashes in the sun start a revolution
Cadd9    G6               Cadd9                    G6          B
Couldn't sleep since then wake you up when we're gone

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