Your Shadow Lay Across My Life Chords - Doves

your shadow lay across my life 
(from the "lost sides" b-side collection)
Words and music:andy williams, jimi goodwin, jez williams

I couldn't find tabs to this song ANYWHERE, so i made one my self.
Sounds quite good to me.

Intro solo:(repeats through whole song)


intro/verse/chorus:(you can pick up the rythym from the song)

(Barre chords)

bridge (part 1):(where it says "all of my time you were on my mind...")

(Barre chords)
C#m:[9 11 11 9 9 9]
A  :[577655]

bridge (part 2):(where it has singular chord strums and it says "and 
you shadow, it lay across my life.."

(Barre chords)
G#m [466444]
F#  [244322]
C#m [9 11 11 9 9 9]
B   [799877]