Not About Wings Chords - Downhere

Capo 3 (Key of Bb)

G                       D/F#
Wake dove, stretch your feathers,
      G              D/F#
Worry not love, how far you could fall.
G                D/F#
Fly now, darling find how;
         G               D/F#
A broken wing can be the best to soar on.

D/F#            G
  It's not the perch you've climbed to reach,
D/F#              G                    C
  But the broken wing that's made you meek;
that's when He lifts you high.

G                       C
Believing is not about seeing,
G                   C
Faith is not about reaching,
    G       D/F#    Em      C
and on this journey I keep learning,
(C)       D          G
Flying is not about wings.

G                    D/F#
Sparrow trapped by a window,
       G                  D/F#
every resource spent for just one goal.

D/F#           G
  It's not by work you find your escape,
D/F#             G                      C
  but in your defeat when you seek his face;
that's when He lifts you high.