Versuri Downthesun - 04. Lucas Toole

Album: Downthesun - Downthesun

You watch them, contemplating your desires
Waiting for someone like you
Life means s**t, you'd kill anything
Empty eyes smile, erasing innocence

Reaching out but they disappear
Empty eyes smiling

Shutting out the life
Was Lucas born to die
A circle of madness is made
A tool of a sickened mind

I wish I'd never had heard of this,
staring at his picture hurts inside
Why'd you have to make him die
I'd give anything to bring him back
And put you in his place

Sickly suppressing your will to be
Remember Lucas


Give unto me
While it shows
My night has come
All alone
This is not the way
You will see
My falling
Is not me


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