Versuri DRACONIAN - Serenade of Sorrow

Album: DRACONIAN - The Burning Halo

And the fires burnd inside my eyes
as ye falls ascending like a moment o joy.
My thorns where sown in ye light o Day,
and the winds they blew
until my winds, they blew no more.
I screamd out into the dawn!

[Spirit of Night:]
His thorns were spawned from the grasp o God,
and the pain it grew
but holiness grew no more.
Grievance; fro the horizon she comes
I wonder if I could stay in His world,
cause sooner or later this pain must end!
My life it cries to be free,
but legions of stars the stars suffers with me!
Pain must end!
His life cries, but soon to be free
Thou art the star o Venus Oh Seraphim!
The Holy Spirit:
Thou must obey thy father, thy God!
Bow down before his eyes before his very eyes!

My God father hear us cry!
Tell me why! Thou wilt die!!!

Oh, Enslaver of Souls;
Thou can not be our father!
Oh, Avengeful God;
Thou hast brought us agony!

Into heavn our sorrow
ye beautiful moment o tragedy
Falling fro the lies of His perfect world.
Takest us away, so far away
here is nothing but pain.
Farewell now as we enter our darkness
and we love her, the realization!
Behold our salvation!
so beautiful
They are falling
God is smiling
Salvation comes but pain
still grows

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