Dream Theater se pregatesc de lansare noului album

de Cristi Nedelcu

Dream Theater se pregatesc de lansare noului album

Bateristul trupei, Mike Mangini, a finalizat inregistrarile de tobe pentru cel de-al 16-lea album de studio al trupei care va fi lansat anul acesta.

Mike Mangini a declarat urmatoarele:

"I've not played on an album this energetically unrelenting start to finish since Annihilator. But the wild thing is the amount of vintage DT melody weaved on to that kind of energy. I've never tapped into more advanced uses of my old and new chops in musical ways because of a monumentally collaborative effort of 5 like-minded, organic/evolving individuals. Is it from the forced lockdown like other music I've heard released? Maybe. Is it from nobody individually or collectively trying to do anything specific musically except just play and be a daring 19-year-old again? Probably. I never say that any new album is better than another. It never seems to be to me after reading, "this is our best blah blah blah." What I'm communicating is exactly what it is about DT15 that sticks out as being significant and important to me. Better? That's pointless given so many different tastes. Who cares."

Cel mai recent album lansat semnat Dream Theater este discul 'Distance Over Time' din 2019.

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