John Petrucci va lansa un nou album

de Cristi Nedelcu

John Petrucci va lansa un nou album

Chitaristul trupei Dream Theater, John Petrucci, va lansa un nou album solo, denumit "Terminal Velocity".

Materialul va fi lansat la sfarsitul acestui an fiind primul album dupa o pauza de 15 ani de la "Suspended Animation" din 2005.

“In 2005, there was Suspended Animation. And now, 15 years later, the wait is nearly over.

It’s probably one of the more progressive and weaving songs, and it has so many different sections and parts – plus it’s pretty long, so there’s a lot of memorisation.

During the night, when that song would come up, it’s like, ‘OK, time to focus!’ The chops have to be really up, and everything needs to be firing on all cylinders. There are so many different themes – it’s almost Dream Theater-esque, the way it departs into the soloing. And, even though the song is an instrumental, there’s sort of an ‘instrumental section." , a declarat John.

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