Versuri Dream Theater - A Mind Beside Itself: Voices

Album: Dream Theater - Live Scenes From New York

A question well served "Is silence like a fever?"
"A voice never heard?" "Or a message with no receiver?"
Pray they won't ask behind the stained glass
There's always one more mask
Has man been a victim of his woman, of his father?
if elects not to bother, will he suffocate their faith?
Desperate to fall behind the Great Wall
That separates us all when there is reason
Tonight I'm Awake when there's no answer
Arrive the Silent Man
If there is balance tonight he's awake
if they have to suffer there lies the Silent Man
Sin without deceivers - a God with no believers
I could sail by on the Winds of Silence
and maybe they won't notice
But this time I think
it'd be better if I swim
When there is reason
When there's no answer
Arrive the Silent Man
if there is balance tonight he's Awake
If they have to suffer
There lies the Silent Man

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