72 This Highways Mean Chords - Drive-by Truckers

This song is from the Truckers breakthrough album The Southern Rock Opera.
It was written and sang by Mike Cooley.

Intro D  G  D  G

D                                            G
Don't know why they even bother putting this highway on the map
D                                      G             
Everybody that's ever been on it knows exactly where they're at
Hells on both ends of it
And no where's in between
                  D    G
This highway's mean

D                                     G
Seems like it's always hot down here, no matter when you come
D                                           G            
It's the kind of heat that holds you like a mama holds her son
A                            G 
Tight when he tries to walk, even tighter if he runs
It's a mean old dusty highway
G                                          A
But it's the only one that'll get you there
Bm G
That'll get you there

Mean old highway
G            D                  Bm
Stuck to the ground in Mississippi
         G                D 
It's the one'll set me free
It's the same one that I see
A                                          G 
Being ripped up off the ground and wrapped around me
A                                       D 
Don't let it fool you this highway's mean

D                              G     
I don't need a map to tell me where I am today
D                            G
This feeling that I have has always led the way
Down here, you're running from a broken heart
G                                       D 
Or to a heart that you have to break on this mean old highway