Loaded Gun In The Closet Chords - Drive-by Truckers

Song:   Loaded Gun in the Closet
Artist: Drive-By Truckers (Mike Cooley sometimes solos this one)
Tuning: Open C

The song is basically three chords, played normally, sus2, and sus4 
by moving around 1 fret or two on the "e" and high "c" strings.  
Cooley walks among these combinations a lot, and from time to time, 
picks the melody on the middle C string, sliding between the notes 
while playing a C chord with the remaining srings.

Tuning   C    F    G
  e |    0    0    0
  c |    0    5    0
  G |    0    5    7
  C |    0    5    7
  G |    0    5    7
  C |    0    5    7
F & G chords are usually strummed string-by-string as if they were picked,
playing the "e" as a distinctive drone at the end of the chord.
C-Riff: C with sus2 & sus4
  e |    1p0  0    0    1p0  0    x
  c |    0    2    0    0    2    0
  G |    0    0    0    0    0    0
  C |    0    0    0    0    0    0
  G |    x    x    x    0    0    0
  C |    x    x    x    x    x    0
'x'=don't play/mute if 'e' string

[C-Riff] (2x)
[C] (sliding melody on middle C string) 
[F] [C-Riff] [G] [F] [C-Riff] [C-Riff] 

He's got a [C] loaded gun in the closet
And [C] another one in the dresser drawer
Just in [F]case the one in the closet
Didn't make a big enough [C-Riff] hole.

She had his [C] breakfast ready every morning
And his [C] lunch in a box sitting out by the kitchen [F] door.
She'd make [G] sure he had everything he [F] needed
And hug his [G] neck and tell him how much she [F] loved him
And it was [G] beautiful.  You should have [F] seen it. 

[C-Riff] (2x)

[ ... Remaining verses, chords are the same ... ]

[C-Riff] (1x)