Sounds Better In The Song Chords - Drive-by Truckers

I've seen this tabbed wrong on a few sites (including, which has a lot 
DBT tabs)

The chord progression is a simple Am, F, G, back to Am throughout, but with some
of notes

I play the chords like so:

Am  x-0-2-2-1-x-|
F   x-x-3-2-1-x-|
G   x-x-5-4-3-x-|

During the Am and F, add and remove the 2nd string, 3rd fret (D) as per the picking
in the song (it's hard to tab...just listen for it)

During the G, you can pull off the 2nd string and play it open (for a B) then hammer 

Intro: Am

        F                                 G
When I saw her standing there, with her bright eyes and shining hair

She was looking back at me

and so on throughout