Versuri Drowning The Light - Night Of Neverending Turmoil

Album: Drowning The Light - The Blood of the Ancients

The Moonlight shattered across the breaking waves
In the distance the dark clouds swell and grow...
As the storm approaches

The rain starts to create a haze of sorrow
Its soft sound breaking the eerie silence before the darkness

As the wind picks up rotten dead leaves
Bushing against my face,
Dead and frail like this broken shell
They disintegrate into oblivion

This night of never ending turmoil
This storm of distorted time

The hunger for the end
Yet the strength to go on
To be one with the storm and all its destructive force
To be one with all that is and was
All that destroys thus created
The blood in our veins that has been passed on since the first dawn
And the dusk that takes our breath away
Feeding the blackness in our hearts

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