Versuri Drumfish - Bumps Ahead

Album: Drumfish - Under Under Hill

I've got to realign you cuz my heads above water
You got a little sister and she's somebody's daughter
She says there's an orange man hanging from a telephone wire
But you can't trust your sister cuz your sister's a liar so she says
Look out bumps ahead

The man in the mirror's got ultimate whiskers
And he like to shave them with his bony little fingers
He got some ear drops and he paints 'em on his eyebrows
But he don't like to do it cuz it covers up the brown spots on his head
Look out

(Chorus) What am I gonna do
I don't even like you
How am I supposed to choose
Entirely up to
Everything around me moves
I don't even see through you

You've got to trust the green book it was written by your sister
Tells a little story of a man without any pictures
He got an eagle in his pocket and a horse tooth comb in his hair
But horse teeth don't work very well so the comb don't work at all but he don't care
Look out


I met a cow today swinging udder while he walked his walk
Getting high on the grass and sun
Spotted coat of brown and black
Heat and flies burned on his back
He was a supermodel bovine of the sun


I've got to realign you cuz you've got a little sister
The man with the portraits hanging whiskers from his mirror
The bovine slips and bumps his head
Look out bumps ahead

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