Versuri Duran Duran - Shelter

Album: Duran Duran - Duran Duran The Wedding Album

I watch you from my window working this vicious road
You shudder when the wind blows
Girl you're looking beat and cold
Don't know your situation but you look so alone to me
In my imagination this is how the message reads

Just come softly to me in the shelter of my heart

Trust my intuition you're the one I've got to know
I give without condition wouldn't try to save your soul
Money or reputation doesn't mean a thing to me
Special communication it's the only thing we need

Reaching out... Calling out
Just come softly to me
Calling out...
Hear me now
In the shelter of my heat

Reaching out... calling out...
Hear me now... do you read me?
In the shelter of my heart.

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