Versuri Dwarf Planet - A Future Dwarf Planet

Album: Dwarf Planet - Richie Pony

Burn, Pluto!

Money counts
I care about me and it’s true
I break the records set the normal way

I’m the best
No s**t I’m the God and the star
Who guides the entire globe on Golden Days

My Majesty
Greedy progress
You’re really blessed

I help you to get the power to extend your careers 
Who needs love or these emotions of disgusting life?
I like to hear kinky music doesn’t matter the beat
So give me pink an easy babe works for the building team


Burn, Pluto!

TV shows
You know about me and it’s true
Who else can have so many things to say?

Listen now
The world will extend till the end
Shut up I talk about economy

My Majesty
Greedy progress
You’re not depressed

If there are some to stand against me I will throw them away
No more loans, no jobs whatever they would die for
No holidays of Turkish bingos I’ll rip off their beach
No caves to hide like the animals in this universe



What have we become so far from this lonely sun?
How many times to flood if the Earth was build round?
Just this only dwarf planet would support us

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