Versuri Dying Fetus - Blunt Force Trauma

Album: Dying Fetus - Purification Through Violence

We exist to destroy, f**k you all
f**k you all
This prophecy unfolding,
We have no time to wait
The world is dead and rotting,
A lifeless tomb remains
We have no compassion,
Hate runs through our veins
Faceless and abandoned,
We can not be saved
Rise above this waste,
A reformation spreads across
This earth, all consuming
No return, we are the resurrected
Strong with hate we kill the ones
That keep us down
With the body we embrace what
Pleasure gives, no god wants us
Penetrate so deep inside your twisted
Flesh, weak and worthless
Terrified, how you tremble at the
Sight of me, you can not know
What I am, I f*****g laugh and
Watch you bleed
No expression, no compassion,
Born to kill
My instinct is your end, hell awaits
Feel your life slip away,
Start to pray
No one hears, no one cares,
No one lives
Watch and wait, the embodiment
Of hate burns inside,
No one is left alive, revenge
Karma kills revenge
Cause-effect... Revenge life to death
One by one they all will fall when I
Get the f***s I'll crucify them all
Take the best m**********r they got
Kick him in the face and hang him out to rot
I want you to die, and no m**********r
Should have to question why
Your lives not worth f**k,
Just grab another b***h
And bust another nut
Why can't you f*****g go and die,
Your life's worth less than my s**t
God can't help, you pretentious f**k
Pools of red, at my feet,
Flesh with flesh, meat on meat
No f****r in this world
I call my friend
The b*****s and sluts are f*****g dead
Another f****r's talking s**t again
A bullet in the head (is what he gets)
f**k you all, eat my s**t
I remain throughout time,
Pure with hate, I cross all lines
They can't remember, I won't forget
The fallen and forgotten,
Forever laid to rest
You won't be the last f*****g one
To challenge my hate
Your weakness is just what I need
To terminate
Kill and f*****g rape,
Fuckers hit the dust
When they f**k with us
Kill, f**k, maim, tear, f**k you all,
I don't care

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