Versuri Dying Fetus - Nocturnal Crucifixion

Album: Dying Fetus - Purification Through Violence

Blinding my eyes,
The light of indecency
Exalted demise, morbid complexity
Walking the path, demonic heredity
Reaching the end, it opens before me
Unyielding to the astral powers
I foresee the unknown
Eternally they are chanting
Immortally they are spawning
As I watch they stare at me
A gaze of pure insanity
Immersed in darkness so completely
I find myself alone
Drinking from Ancient Waters
I become one with them
Unholy shrouds
Incantations shower me
Unveiling the secrets to truth
Why I must die
Preach and prophecize
Believers are taught that their
Souls are forgiven
Await the false rebirth
Feeling the pain inside from out
Reliving the past once again
Lascivious lust, I want to believe
Succumb to the horrid disease
Stagnant and old the prophecy told
Undying the books deceive
Forgotten and spent,
Rotting alone
Forever to suffer and grieve