Versuri EDENBRIDGE - Farpoint Anywhere

Album: EDENBRIDGE - Aphelion

were hunting open secrets
were searching high and low
intrepid we might be well never know
under a press of canvas
were on the parting of the ways
we lost the trace

were gathering lifes roses
were in a quandary
but on the sly we never cant be free
we face the stormy petrel
and beg for wings to fly away
forever away

will all be there
at farpoint anywhere
my visions leading me that far
could we foresee
then we would turn the key
dimensions open who we are

our mascots left us lonely
inmidst our palisade
this ragged garden shows what we have made
we cut the old alliance
we skipped off from our legacy
how could we


the field of vision grows
your pounding heartbeat slows
the space age has begun beyond recall



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