Versuri EDENBRIDGE - On The Verge Of Infinity

Album: EDENBRIDGE - Aphelion

[Bonus track, Japan]

time what is time, a remnant of hope
a line to oblivion where were on the rope
and your sun is set, a pale silhouette on the sly

the pride of the seasons turning
the providence is concerning
all of us then, the question of when in our minds

lightly come and lighty go
from source to sea we flow
we can never pitch our hopes too high (and be)

on the verge of infinity
on the edge of this heavenborn starlight
feel the boundless serenity
in a pencil of light
farewell to the past and the future
into the galactic rainbow i ride
now and forever ill be in infinity

time what is time, a terrestrial lore
a rock in the surf weve been living for
a line in the sand, the future in hand by a dream

and when the whole worlds glided
through our hands misguided
an ordeal by fire, a dance on a wire without end



by far you will see, this immensity
make leeway endeavor for more
follow me there, this journey we share
we ride on a lavender dream

the rainbow of starlight will wait
ride on the passage where time has no meaning at all
(on the verge of infinity)
now and forever were leaving the future behind
for infinity