Versuri EDENBRIDGE - The Whispering Gallery

Album: EDENBRIDGE - Aphelion

[Bonus track, Europe]

and here i came last night
was it a waking dream in me ?
the spiral staircase led to places so unknown

and out of a clear sky falling
im searching high and low for hold
right on the brink of ruin

if i could hear your calls
reflected to the nines
revealing precious memories
the whispering gallery
the place of mystery
in echoes from a silent sea

and there the shadows danced
before i heard the clarion call
in their centennial desperation i wont fall

shaken to their foundations
a mereghost of their former selves
well nigh theyve gone to glory


theres a sign in constant glory
will it be my guiding star
on the floatbridge to forever
i can go on so far
this alluring jack o lantern
and the relics of the past
leading on to your decay
the pendulum swings so fast

on the gateway to your mind
on the flare path of your magnificient
prettifying dreams
its the touchstone of mankind
its the only truth to find


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