Versuri Edge of Sanity - Nocturnal

Album: Edge of Sanity - Unorthodox

[Intro: A hymn to the nightly]

(Preserve, preserve) Preserve me from
the rays of dawn. I only feast at night. My
sharp claws taste the flesh. I am the
angel of the twilight. With deadly charm
and sweet caresses I touch the virgin
skin. As my soul becomes one with yours,
your pain is my gain. Come with me. Beco-
me eternity, as you die! Join & die to re-
arise, re-arise, I am of nocturnal nature.
I cannotstand the sun. I am an abominati-
on, blood's my kinda fun. As the darkness
sweeps my castle, and cast shadows on
the northern light. Now my sleep is over.
I spread my wings across the night,
human but still a creature I trust for
human blood, now begins my ritual I
swallow your f*****g soul! Come with
me, become eternity, as you f*****g die.
Join'n'die to re-arise, re-arise...

[Riffs: Swan/Nerberg/Axelsson]
[Lyrics: Axelsson]
[Arranged and performed by Edge of sanity]
[Creation: 1991]
[Intro: Rex Gisslén & Edge of sanity]
[Sampled concrete, screams created 1992.]

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