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Trupa germana de power metal a fost fondata in anul 1992, de catre Tobias Sammet, Jens Ludwig, Dirk Sauer si Dominik Storch, toti cu varsta de 14 ani pe atunci. Numele trupei le-a fost inspirat de profesorul lor de matematica. Pana in 1998 trupa a cantat fara basist. Primele doua albume nu au foarte mare succes. Acesta vine abia dupa aparitia celui din 1998, "Vain Glory Opera". Dupa inca doua materiale de studio reusesc sa obtina un contract cu Nuclear Blast.   In vara lui 2006, Edguy canta la Metalcamp in Slovenia, inaintea celor de......Biografie Edguy

Out Of Vogue Tab

9-2-9 Chords

Dragonfly Tab

Holy Water Chords

Wake Up The King Tab

Vainglory Opera Tab

Theater Of Salvation Tab

The UnbelieverTab

The Headless Game Tab

Superheroes Bass Tab

Superheroes Chords

Superheroes Tab

Scarlet Rose Chords

Scarlet Rose Tab

Save Me Chords

Rose To No One Chords

Rocket Ride Intro Tab

Reach Out Chords

Painting On The Wall Bass Tab

Painting On The Wall Tab

Out Of Control Tab

No More Foolin Tab

Mysteria Tab

Land Of The Miracle Tab

King Of Fools (ver3) Tab

King Of Fools (ver2) Tab

King Of Fools Tab

Judas At The Opera Tab

Hymn Tab

How Many Miles Tab

Hallowed Tab

f*****g With Fire Hair Force One Tab

Final Gate Bass Tab

Final Gate Tab

Falling Down Tab

Down To The Devil Tab

Down To Devil Bass Tab

Deadmaker Tab

Das Reh Chords

Babylon Tab

Arrows Fly Tab

All The Clowns Bass Tab

Blessing In Disguise Solo Tab

For A Trace Of Life Chords

Roses To No One Chords

The Spirit Will Remain Chords

Mysteria Solo Tab

Dead Or Rock Tab

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