Versuri Edguy - How Many Miles

Album: Edguy - Burning Down The Opera (Live)


Oh yeah...!

Watching a face and a smile and a light
When you're walking alone in the street
I know your look always gives you the might
Many "miles" from your a*s to your feet

And I dream - what I've seen
Is what I want it to be - selfmade reality

How many miles to the gate of reality
How many steps left to go to my dreams
How many miles to the land where my dreams come true
Dreams which come true just have died

Look like a queen but you talk like a pawn
And I know you're a fool in disguise
Godfather tell me how to carry on
Blinded by fantasies of lies



I see your smile, a golden masquerade
And I know my dream
It will be my fate
Time has stolen my fantasy
'Cause it has become a pale reality


[Instrumental Break]

How many miles [Repeats:]


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