Ps You Rock My World Chords - Eels

     P.S. You rock my world - Eels
Tabbed by: Anton Petersson 28/7
Email: Anton Petersson 

Tuning: EADGBe

Capo at the THIRD(3) fret

If it says ex. xG = you should palmmute the chord

(Just strum the E-A-D and G strings in the F-chord and G-chord and the A-D and G strings in the C-chord)

Intro: F  C  F  C x 2

F     C           F           C
i was at a funeral the day i realized
F           C                  G
i wanted to spend my life with you
F            C            F          C
sitting down on the steps at the old post office
F            C               xG
the flag was flying at half mast
and i was thinking 'bout how
xG          xC 
everyone is dying
xG              xC       F  <-(strum every string in the chord)
and maybe it is time to live

C  F  C

  F                      C
i don't know where we're going
  F                     C
i don't know what we'll do

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