Things The Grandchildren Should Know Chords - Eels

it is pretty easy nice turn-around in C:
 Capo first fret
C Em F G

C                  Em
I go to bed really early
F                     G
everybody thinks its strange
C                     Em
I get up early in the Morning
F                            G
no matter how disappointed i was the day before
         C      Em F G 
it feels new

C                        Em
I dont leaves the house much
  F                       G
I dont like being around people
C                    Em
makes me nervous and weird
F                          G
I dont like going to shows either
C                          Em
its better for me to stay home
  F                             G
some might think it means I hate people
C                   Em          F  G
but thats no quite right

C Em F G again and again

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