Versuri Eels - The Longing

Album: Eels - Hombre Lobo: 12 Songs of Desire (2009)

The longing is a pain
A heavy pressure in my chest
It really leaves
My day becomes a quest
Try no to think about her
And all that she brings
Forget about her magic
All the beautiful things

But I can’t think of one single thing
It ….than just to see her
Just to see her
Her smile her touch
Her smell her laugh
The longing is the friend a way to stay close
I feel like she’s here, I feel like she knows
That when I said I would die for her
Are not just words, I really would
And to make the world a safer place for her
Well I believe I really could
Sure there are other things to life
But I can’t think of one single thing
It matters more than just to see her,
To see her
…her thoughts
Her doubts
I love them all

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