Versuri EIDOLON - Ghost World

Album: EIDOLON - The Parallel Otherworld

Silent Whisper, coldness
Freezing entity
Something from another world
Is in my room
Where do you think all these shadows come from

Coldness entering my room
Shadows from above

Waking up in a cold sweat
In the middle of the night
Tranquilized by the feeling
That someone is here
Paralyzed like stigmata
My only consciousness
Im trapped inside

Approaching everlasting pain
Lost in endless wilderness
Caught between all worlds

Silently arise
Ghost world, spirits
Spirits paradise
Dawn is near, stay away
In the mirror see
Ghost World, spirits
There in Lunas light
Beyond divine, they sacrifice

Messenger from the dark side
The presence is near
Temperature into minus
A freezing entity
So cold in haziness


See the reflections in the mirror
A peak into the world
That you may face one day
Insanity grows even stronger
Recalling images
Of all your hopes and dreams

Lost souls of these dimensions
Will never come to peace
Though by a ritual in silence
Divine interfere
Led into the graceness
To endless horizons
White sorcerers guidance