Versuri EIDOLON - Order Of The White Light

Album: EIDOLON - The Parallel Otherworld

I suffer black silence
I am your God
Searching for an answer
What do you want me to this time?
If your flowers are dying
And all is lost
Shout! Your plea to the heavens
Pray your God to fulfill your needs

Calling for the legions
Pray your God
Hammer from heavens
Silence times
Conceal a new horizon
Left to die
Army of the heavens

If your hate is eternal
Your Fiends reign
Drowning in confusion
No escape from revenge this time
When youre drowning in sorrow
Theres no way out
Hark! Conjure all the shadows
Retribution for evil deeds

Calling for the legions
Army of the heavens

Conceal a new horizon
As the water confines
Pray to Thee, Avenger
Retribution time is here

Avenger close near
Avenger, how vengeance is sweet
The ones we hate fall

So its always been written
And always done
Mortal ones amongst us
Victimized for the sake of men
As the thirst for vengeance
Now slowly fade
Beware! Thus know your soul is
For Black Legions an open prey



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