Versuri Eighteen Visions - 08. Prelude to an Epic

Album: Eighteen Visions - Until the Ink Runs Out

god damn, you were the best.
a dozen roses couldn't say goodbye to all the heartache
so I left them in the garden.
the swollen eclipse now leaves me in the gloom of another episode.
she's lost in jaded memories.
draping over the sun.
will this be our swansong?
our last dance?
come take my hand and well watch fate destroy us.
god damn, you were the best.
I know reality's gone mad with the blink of an eye.
where's that girl I once knew?
her illustrations paint a picture.
now her dirty tears bleed.
i've been looking for something so give it to me because I collect hearts
and yours is mine sweet thing.
now the flowers bloom in june lay at the grave of our final eve.
fade from me with september sunsets and run away with my heart.
these memories still hang over my head like a halo,
but not will this angel watch over my shoulder.
how long will I hide behind this pen and how long will you wait for me.
I guess until the ink runs out.

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