Versuri Electric Six - My Idea Of Fun

Album: Electric Six - Kill

My idea of fun is watching you come undone
Watching all of your allies begin to run
Flashbulbs begin to pop as I bitchslap my way to the top,
And you've no idea what's hitting you until it's nearly done

(game over)
It's gonna be some time before it's your turn again
(game over)
It won't be long before your time here comes to an end

My idea of a good time is you losing your mind
Watching all of the threads in your tapestries unwind
Riding the penthouse elevator, applying the smackdown on all y'all haters
And leave you wondering how life could ever be so unkind


Behold this chair where the victor sits
This game can make one lose his wits
And your confidence has been smashed to bits
And your only move is to call it quits and start over!

(start over)
You have to love someone before you scared again
(start over)
You have to love its where the news that never ends


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