Versuri Electric Wizard - Saturnine

Album: Electric Wizard - Witchcult Today

A black sun rises everyday
Shadows cross my path as if to say
"Change your ways, change your life, look up to the sky"
Tomorrow'll soon be here then time to die

I hear a death bell tolling out my life
Every strike another plunging of the knife
Mistakes I've made lead me to an early grave
I know its too late I can't be saved

Saturnine for all time the only way I've ever been
Saturnine in my mind high I sail the astral sea
Saturnine for all time I'll never find a way to be free
Saturnine in my mind load another hit of weed

As I invoke these words from blackened page
Through the black arts I will find a way
To bring you back through space and time to me
My priestess of mars set me free...

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